Fie Schouten, bass clarinet


Fie Schouten studied clarinet and bassclarinet at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Harry Sparnaay, Tom Sieuwerts, and Herman Braune. She has participated in masterclasses and had lessons with clarinettist Ernesto Molinari.
Next to the clarinet and the bassclarinet, she is playing the bassethorn and contrabassclarinet.

Fie Schouten teaches the bass clarinet at the Prins Claus Conservatory Groningen (NL).

Fie is member of trio To be Sung. Some of her past projects: Spielzeug with Marko Kassl and Koen Kaptijn; Kaida, Axyz Ensemble. She is a guestmusician in musikFabrik Colon, and she has played in Orkest de Volharding, Gamalan Ensemble Multifoon, Holland Symfonia, Ensemble Modern and Klangforum Wien. Cd's of Kaida, To be Sung, Spielzeug, Axyz Ensemble came out at Karnatic Lab Records.




Bass clarinet album @ Donemus Publishing info

18,19 sept Michaels Reise - Stockhausen Berliner Festspiele

26 sept 20:00 duo Fie Schouten, Michel Marang Cellebroederskapel Maastricht

27 sept 15:00 Bimhuis - birthday of Theo Loevendie

25 okt 13.30/14.30 De Pont Tilburg Fie Schouten, Keiko Shichijo Lachenmann | Takemitsu

29,30 oct 20:00 Sounds of Music Festival Groningen Loevendie, Lachenmann

3 nov 20:30 De Link Tilburg Lachenmann, Loevendie, Aperghis

5 nov 14:00 Novembermusic Festival Den Bosch Lachenmann



fie shouten

Fie Schouten

fie shouten